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Vitamin C Face Mask Recipe

Posted on Feb 11, 2021 in Beauty Advice

Facial Mask

The demand for Vitamin C Face Mask Recipe is very high. Do you know why? Because when it comes to face treatments in natural ways, maximum people want to do it by themselves. Vitamin C is very helpful. It heals our body from the inside. Among lots of other benefits, the most important one is, taking care of skins. It highly cares about our face skins by removing the dead cells. Here, in this article, you’ll know the recipe for a Homemade Vitamin C Face Mask.

The Recipe of DIY Vitamin C Serum Face Mask

Before going to the discussion of DIY Vitamin C Serum Face Mask, you must know what are the ingredients. Kiwi, honey, orange, egg, and lemon juice are required. These ingredients are full of Vitamin C.

DIY Vitamin C Serum

Process 1: Kiwi Orange Face Mask

  1. Take kiwi, orange, and honey in a 1:1:3 ratio. Slice the kiwi and make a cube that needs to be the same amount of orange juice. Mix it with 3 tablespoons of honey.
  2. Now, allow the mixture all over your face. Don’t forget to add it on the sides of the ears and neck portion. Avoid the eye portions. The mixture contains acid that may affect your eyes.
  3. Allow your index and thumb to massage all over the face. Allow the mixture to be absorbed. Keep it for 20 minutes at least.
  4. Rinse all the mixture with warm water. Take a soft towel and wash your face gently.

Process 2: Orange and Egg Facial Mask

  1. Here, you need to blend the ingredients in a 1:1:1 ratio. Take an orange, one egg, and one tablespoon of honey. Now mix it properly.
  2. Allow the mixture all over the faces. Again avoid eye areas. Allow neck portions and below the chin.
  3. Rub the areas with a bare hand. Allow index and thumb. Allow some circular moves to blend it properly. The rubbing is important as it will remove the dead skin cells externally too.
  4. You need to keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. When the time is over, now allow warm water to wash it out. Then use a towel to move the ingredients from the face.

Don’t allow too much force while using a towel. It may wipe the ingredients out. And creating that much enormous pressure can harm the skin cells of the face. Thus you can have soft facial skin. Must use lemon as an ingredient as it is the best.