A global creative brief
needs a #GlobalCreativeReview

UPDATE: With the UN deadline approaching, it is no longer possible to hand in ideas to get feedback. So please, don't forget to submit your ideas to the UN through their platform before the deadline expires. We wish you the best of luck and stay healthy.

For the first time ever, the UN launched an open brief to creatives all around the world. It’s not a pitch. It’s not a creative competition. It’s a global collaboration to make a difference for the better.

But, is your idea truly universal? Does it resonate with all global citizens? We connect you to 3 creative leaders from different continents to get cultural insights and on your idea. To sharpen it. Craft it. And turn it into impactful and global work.

Forget about networks.
Forget about credits.
The biggest award will be
that the ideas worked, right?

Note: #globalcreativereview is an initiative by a couple of creatives worldwide. We are not affiliated to the UN.